Building our Home

Building our home: Framing

Now I was nervous, seeing something on a piece of paper is hard to imagine what it will actually look like in reality. For some reason, I was scared that the house would look weird once they built it or maybe the floor plan wouldn’t be as I had planned. But man, oh man! It turned out exactly as I wanted 🙌🏻😁


Why Living Simplest?

So when I was thinking of a tag or a motto for my blog.. I remembered a sign I have that just says..
"Live Simply"


DIY Hexagon Shelves

DIY Hexagon Shelves. Hey friends! 👋 So excited to share my first official DIY on my blog with you! This actually might be my favorite one I've done so far! I found this inspiration from a fellow Instagramer @kaekooshop .. her home is so beautiful! And when I saw these shelves I knew I had to make them. She now sells them in her shop, but if you are wanting a challenge, which it isn't that hard if you are use to diy's. I suggest you try it!