Building our Home

Building Our Home: The Beginning

In May of 2020, we decided we wanted to sell our house. Yep, in the middle of a pandemic, we thought it would be a great time to make a big move. We didn’t know if anyone would want to buy or even view a house during all this chaos. Surprisingly it worked out great… Continue reading Building Our Home: The Beginning

Journey to Baby

Blahh.. Another Month

I am currently in what I think is the two week wait... I say think because I'm not sure when or if I ovulated this month, which is very frustrating by the way cause now when I feel any type of anything #Googlesymptomforearlypregnancy. DON'T JUDGE ME if you've been through this then we all know you've done the same exact thing girl!

Journey to Baby

WHY? What’s the Reason?

This is something that has been very hard for me to understand. I know that God has a plan and there is a reason behind why He has decided not to bless me with a child yet. There are months that are easy to trust in Him and realize that He works all things out for good. On the other hand, there are months that I am frustrated. Is it okay for me to admit that? I don't like to admit that because I feel like I am not trusting in Him at those times, but we are all human flesh and can't understand everything.

Journey to Baby

My Journey through Infertility

Wow, I never thought that word would show up in my vocabulary. I never dreamed I would have to go to the doctor because of that word. That word never crossed my mind when we first started trying to conceive. That word haunts me EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.


DIY Stacked Books – July Blog Hop

Hi friends! I am excited to share this DIY with you. It adds such a special touch to your home or a great gift to give a friend. It is simple and affordable and most of us might already have these items in our craft stash. So let's have fun getting our DIY on!