Hello there! My name is Hollie and I am the face behind heyitshod. Now if you’re curious or nosy like me, I always wonder how people come up with names for their blogs or accounts. As for my name.. wonder no more! Hod was my nickname growing up, actually it was Hoddie but eventually was shortened to just Hod. As for the hey.. I always greet my friends with a hey!

So this is me saying, heyitshod! I am hoping that maybe we can be friends.

I’m 23 years old, married to my wonderful husband James. We live in good ol’ southern Indiana.. where there are lots of cows and cornfields. It is currently just us and our spoiled pup, Zeus.

If you are wanting to know some random facts about me.. I am a Title 1 instructor at an elementary school. I am a plant lady, diy’s are life, an Apostolic Pentecostal, and I am just trying to get through this crazy life with my little family.

I am learning how to style my home and my life as I go on this journey. Can’t wait to include ya’ll! I will be just sharing my life, diy’s, home decor.. and whatever I sorta feel like. Hope you join along!



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