Building our Home

Building our home: Framing

So much is happening so fast it’s sorta hard to keep up. On March 31st, they dug out the first piece of ground where our house would sit. I remember being so excited just to finally see something happen. We bought the land in October the year before, which in reality it was only 6 months of waiting, but when you are living with someone else waiting for your house to begin, that 6 months seems like an eternity! 😳

Breaking ground! 🙌🏻

In 20 days from breaking ground, we had a framed house! It was crazy how fast the basement went in and absolutely insane how fast the crew got the house under roof. From going to the land and nothing was happening, to now going and something new happened every day was such a great feeling. Now we were pretty well prepared when we turned in our plans and had a good idea of everything we wanted, but there were still some questions that the contractors had to translate into “normal people language” for us to understand 😂 Thank goodness our Contractor was amazing and was very patience with us.

Now I was nervous, seeing something on a piece of paper is hard to imagine what it will actually look like in reality. For some reason, I was scared that the house would look weird once they built it or maybe the floor plan wouldn’t be as I had planned. But man, oh man! It turned out exactly as I wanted 🙌🏻😁


Here is the basement/garage. We have a two car pull-in garage which is also our basement. It will be storage for me and a giant man cave and workshop for my husband.


This part was so fun! To walk through each room and you can slowly imagine what your house can look like! 🚨 TIP!! Make sure you have your floor plan when you walk through and measure everything! This is your house and you are paying for it, so if you catch a mistake make sure to tell them! Like one of our rooms was two feet short and our front door was a foot off center from the dormer! Things like that matter and can easily be overlooked if you aren’t diligent on making sure everything is precise. It may seem like a big deal to tell them they messed up, but it something you have to live with and it will be something you wish you checked!

They are suppose to finish up the outside soon! So I’ll try to keep you update as we move along. If you want more frequent updates I try to post weekly videos on TikTok to show our home.

Thanks for following us as we build our life in the country! ❤️🏠

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