Building our Home

Building Our Home: The Beginning

In May of 2020, we decided we wanted to sell our house. Yep, in the middle of a pandemic, we thought it would be a great time to make a big move. We didn’t know if anyone would want to buy or even view a house during all this chaos. Surprisingly it worked out great for us, within 3 days of having our house on the market, we had 15 viewings and closed all within just one week. We didn’t have any house or property lined up for us to buy, so technically we were homeless after we sold. Thank goodness for family!

I looked every day, hour, minute, and even second for a new listing to appear, because around where we live if you don’t catch a good listing in a hour it’s gone! At the time, we were just hoping for a house with a good amount of property. All I could find was a nice house with no land or a ton of land with a rinky dink house that was WAY too expensive. So somehow I convinced my husband that we could probably buy property and build exactly what we wanted for cheaper than anything we were looking at.

After a major emotional breakdown in September, every listing was either too expensive or fell through and our last fertility treatment failed (which I will talk about later in Journey To Baby), I got all pent up feelings out and I knew I had to just trust that God was hearing my prayers. Then in October, we found the perfect 5 acre cow field out in the middle of the country! Since it was a cow field, there was a lot of brush and trees and mess that we had to clean up but we have plans to build a beautiful home and make the place our little country farm! Can’t wait to show you the journey 😀

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