Journey to Baby

Blahh.. Another Month

I’m laying in bed right now writing this out because my brain is just racing! I tried reading a book and scrolling through Pinterest, but my brain just won’t stop thinking about this rut I’m in right now. So here I am again, dumping out my feelings and emotions so you 😜

I am currently in what I think is the two week wait… I say think because I’m not sure when or if I ovulated this month, which is very frustrating by the way cause now when I feel any type of anything #Googlesymptomforearlypregnancy. DON’T JUDGE ME if you’ve been through this then we all know you’ve done the same exact thing girl!

I haven’t posted on my Instagram for over two months and I really want to get back on there. Btw, if you don’t follow its @heyitshod ✌️😁 I want to get back to doing my weekly planner. I would love to start a little greeting card or some type of Etsy business. I have a laundry room space I want to redo… But I literally have NO motivation to do any of it. Infertility has sucked all my creativity dry. I am fine.. I promise 😁 but anything besides the normal chores of life, it’s just not happening for me right now. Oh, and to top it all off I’m stuck in my house cause of Covid-19 🤷😡

I’ve got to find a way to get out of this rut and starting living life for me, rather than living month to month waiting for ovulation. So if you’ve been in this rut and dug your way out, hit a girl up! Tell me your tricks 👍

Peace out Girl scouts,


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