DIY Stacked Books – July Blog Hop

Hi friends! I am excited to share this DIY with you. It adds such a special touch to your home or a great gift to give a friend. It is simple and affordable and most of us might already have these items in our craft stash. So let’s have fun getting our DIY on!


I purchased my books from Goodwill for .99 which is great because if you mess up then it isn’t an expensive mistake. Which did happen to me and hopefully you can avoid my mistake. You can choose books that a similar in size or like me I went for some that sorta stair step each other. This is way you can create it to your own style. Just make sure the spine of the book is wide enough so that you can easily put on the stencil.

Once my covers were off all my books, then I placed the stencil onto the spine and taped it securely so it wouldn’t move. As I painted each letter of the stencil I did hold it down with my finger as well, just to make sure that the thing would not budge. The first time I tried this I used acrylic paint. It bled through for me and just did not look as neat as I would have liked which is why I chose to use the paint marker.

THAT’S IT FOLKS. Seriously! That is all it takes.. I told you this was a simple DIY! Now it’s your turn to get creative on your own… its the fun part which is styling. You can tie the books together with twine, leave them stacked with something resting on top, or whatever your creative mind can come up with! Let your home decor juices flow!

Now I did this DIY with a group of great ladies. It is fun to see how each and everyone of them had their own spin on this project. So make sure to go check them out to see which way might fit your style best! Click on their picture to check out their DIY.

TERRIE over at DECORATE and More with TIp
Kelli over at Olympic Nest
Patti over at Pandora’s Box
Jessica over at Jessica B Simmons
Sheri over at Sheri Martin Interiors
Dani over at The Taborhood
Danya over at Just Another Farmhouse
Teresa over at Through a Vintage Door
Hollie over at Heyitshod
Shae over at Sweet Southern Grace
Dori over at This Full Life of 5

Carol is not pictured above but she also created a DIY book stack. So make sure to check all these awesome ladies out. Thank you Terrie for hosting this DIY blog hop. See ya guys next time for more DIY inspiration! 👋

4 thoughts on “DIY Stacked Books – July Blog Hop”

  1. Never would have thought to create a ladder look. I like it! Hmm…has me thinking how this idea could be used to symbolize something you struggle with, ya know. You have me really thinking what I could do with your idea. Well done!

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