DIY Door Mat

Looking for a fun way to jazz up your front porch… give it some personality or you own personal touch! Well, this DIY door mat is the fun way to add charm to your front door and a welcoming message to your guests!

MAN! You know the saying try, try, try again?! That was this diy.. 😫🤦 I had a grand idea of having a funny saying on the rug. I shot for the goal and ending up completely airballing. After hours of cutting out a stencil, placing it, and painted it on.. I HATE it! 😂 It’s not that it was bad, just not what I had envisioned. I guess I’m just too much of a perfectionist, so back to the drawing board! Hopefully I can help you figure out how to do it right the first time, and not have to redo it!


So after my first failed attempt, I just decided to spray painted the whole rug with the ColorShot Paint. So glad I ended up starting over on this thing!  After the rug was dry, I used painters tape to set out the width of my lines and the tape helped for nice clean lines.  

Now you can use a stencil to paint on your words, but I preferred to free hand my design.  Since the material of this rug is rough, a stencil will not stick securely so you can use pins to make it a little more snug. Then dab your paint onto the rug.

I am very pleased with how my DIY porch mat turned out! The total price was around $20, which is a pretty cheap way to creative your own personal mat. It is also just a fun project to create! Hope you are able to design your own creative welcoming mat!


I am so excited to share this awesome blog hop with you guys! This month, an awesome group of ladies and I made a DIY Door Mat. Check out the ladies below! I’ve seen their mats that they created.. and they are so pretty! It’s also cool to see how each of us made ours and what we used during the process. That way you can learn all the tips and trips on how to create a door mat too.



My First Failed Attempt…

16 thoughts on “DIY Door Mat”

  1. Hollie, I am in love with your mat. The coloring the whole thing is a great idea. Maybe next year I can do that instead of buying a new one because of sun fade. Thanks for joining in on this DIY challenge and hope you will join us on the next one!

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