DIY Wall Letterboard

This large Wall Letterboard is such a fun way to fill a space in your home! You can use it for parties, inspirational quotes, funny jokes, there are so many ways! This project can be customizable! Such as the size of the ledge and letters, even down to the colors you choose. So while this decor piece is being loved and used by many, you can easily make it your own!

Did anyone else get the heart flutters when Joanna Gaines showed her wall letterboard in her home.. I DID!! So of course, since the decor queen showed it we all NEED it! There are different Etsy accounts and Instagramers that sell it but if you are a cheapie like I am, then we both understand that we just cannot bring ourselves to spend over $100 on it. So I am going to show you how to make it for under $40… YES, you read that right.. under $40!!!


  • 1×2 12 foot pine board
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl Letters
  • Clear Craft Plastic
  • Wood Stain ( I left my raw, which you can do if you prefer)
  • Nails
  • Table Saw

How to make Letterboard ledge:

In order for the letters to have a place to sit, you will have to cut groove in your board. So set your table saw to 1/4 deep and run the cut down the center of the board.

Depending on how long you want your ledge to be, determines what size you make each cut. I cut mine 3.5′ each, since that is the size I felt would fit best on my wall. Another choice you can make is whether to stain it.. I chose not to stain simply because I love the raw look.

Now let’s hang it up! You will need a level, hammer, nails, and a measuring tape. Unless you want to eyeball, and if you get it perfect.. then WOW you’ve got some skills!!

I started off with measuring the wall to find the center, then matched it with the center of the ledge. Making sure that it was level I then marked where I wanted my nails. I placed the nails about 2″ inside the edge of the board. For the space between the boards I measured 10″ and continued to do the same steps each time. You could nail the board to the wall, or just let the ledge sit on top of the nail, which is what I preferred to do.

Your ledge should fit snug between the wall and the nail!

How to do the Letters:

The letters and numbers are pretty simple but very time consuming. Once you have ordered and received them, just peel off the letter and stick onto the plastic. You will want to measure 1/2″ away from the letter on all sides and then cut. Remember.. this will take time!!

Your ledge is cut and hung, the numbers and letters are completed. Now you are done… You should have an awesome wall letterboard! You are now one step closer to being like Joanna Gaines. HAHA! Just joking.. but I hope I was able to help you DIY it yourself!

Thanks for hanging out with me!! Also, let me know if you have any questions or tell me if you tried this out too!



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