Why Living Simplest?

So when I was thinking of a tag or a motto for my blog.. I remembered a sign I have that just says..

“Live Simply”

My home decor style is very simple. It sorta stresses me out when there is a lot of decor either on the wall or just hanging out in places. 😫

Now don’t get me wrong.. it is still beautiful! There is some people who can style their house to perfection with many different things! And props to you for having the will power to dust it all! Cause even my little bit is exhausting 😂

But it’s not just house decor.. being happy with what you have or who you are is living simply to me! You can and should always have a goal to achieve more, but don’t let materials, followers, or numbers affect your happiness. I know.. I know.. easier said then done! It’s easy to get caught up in it all.. but

Let’s just try to simply live our life and let that become what makes us happy. Then life is more enjoyable all together ❤️

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