DIY Hexagon Shelves

Hey friends! 👋

So excited to share my first official DIY on my blog with you! This actually might be my favorite one I’ve done so far!

I found this inspiration from a fellow Instagramer @kaekooshop .. her home is so beautiful! And when I saw these shelves I knew I had to make them. She now sells them in her shop, but if you are wanting a challenge, which it isn’t that hard if you are use to diy’s. I suggest you try it!

Now I didn’t take pictures of the process step by step because I hadn’t started this blog at that time. Although I am going to explain how I made them but if you are more of a visual person, like me. I have a video tutorial, or lack thereof of, on my Instagram. 😂

Materials needed (to make 4 shelves):

  • 4 – 1×4 10 foot boards (pinewood)
  • Nail gun
  • Nails (18 gauge 3/4″)
  • Miter saw
  • L hooks
  • Screws
  • Stain (I used briarsmoke by Rust-Oleum)

Now I started by setting my Miter Saw to 30° and measured my first cut to be 12 inches long. That is measuring from long end to long end.

Now.. this is the very important part! If you don’t do this there will be a HUGE disaster 💥 Okay…. not really but there will be a mistake. It’s okay if you do make a mistake, because I messed up ALOT. Which is why I would suggest buying 5 boards! ANYWAYS… For each time you make a cut, you will then flip the board to make the other cut. DO NOT forget to flip!! That way both cuts are going opposite directions.

To be complete and ready to make 4 shelves, you should have a total of 24 pieces. This is not including the piece within the shelves. Make sure that all shelf pieces are flush against each other and each board is cut correctly before nailing together. Now for the shelves within the shelf is optional.. just my preference. If you are wanting them, just measuring the length of distance between the spot you want them. Also, cut at 30°.

After staining, mom once again was there to help! Mom to the rescue right?! To hang them, we used “L” hooks that I purchased at Walmart.

Now there is just one thing left for you to do … have fun decorating!! These are a great way to fill up a space and most definitely make your room look awesome! Hopefully, if you were wanting to make these beauties, then this will help you along the process! Also.. I paid maybe a total of $30 for this whole project 👐 Total win in my book!



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