Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Ever craved chocolate for breakfast?! Well this is the perfect fix 🙌 Is it healthy... I'd like to think so because it does have banana in it, which is a fruit and fruit equals healthy 🤷


DIY Wall Letterboard

This large Wall Letterboard is such a fun way to fill a space in your home! You can use it for parties, inspirational quotes, funny jokes, there are so many ways! This project can be customizable! Such as the size of the ledge and letters, even down to the colors you choose. So while this decor piece is being loved and used by many, you can easily make it your own!


Why Living Simplest?

So when I was thinking of a tag or a motto for my blog.. I remembered a sign I have that just says..
"Live Simply"


DIY Hexagon Shelves

DIY Hexagon Shelves. Hey friends! 👋 So excited to share my first official DIY on my blog with you! This actually might be my favorite one I've done so far! I found this inspiration from a fellow Instagramer @kaekooshop .. her home is so beautiful! And when I saw these shelves I knew I had to make them. She now sells them in her shop, but if you are wanting a challenge, which it isn't that hard if you are use to diy's. I suggest you try it!